Chopin Nocturnes and Waltzes

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Chopin Nocturnes & Waltzes

5 Waltzes
10 Nocturnes

Daniel Levypiano

EDEM 3369



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Series: The Voice of the Piano
Recording location:
Rosslyn Hill Chapel, London (UK) and Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice (Italy)
Booklet Language (CD version): English
Booklet Languages (download version): English & Spanish

“In the very familiar Chopin Waltzes, Levy coaxes out inner lines that I had not noticed before. Yet unlike other musicians who attempt to apply ‘personality’ to the music they play, Levy never fights the score, and always sounds in sync with the composer’s intentions. Recommended, even if you have these pieces in other collections”.
Fanfare, USA

“The straightforward, flowing melody becomes a very elevated form, made up of chrystalline pure sounds. A lyrical and romantic cantabile highlighted by elegant use of the pedal. An excellent rendering… “.
Stereoplay, Italy

“An ideal poem of the soul… this intimate moment, so deeply experienced in its thoughtfulness, thanks to the seductive, rich art of this sensitive pianist”.
Piano Time, Italy

“His artistic touch is so profound that it allows his piano to sing with great, unique freedom of expression”.
Diapason, France



Full track previews of tracks 2 & 3 and 30 second samples of all other tracks

Total Playing Time:  70:51