Network of Sound

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Network of sound

Applied to the world of Music, networks and synergies create new exchanges between those who study, listen, work with or simply cherish the diffusion of musical Sound as an educational, formative and creative instrument for human beings of all ages. Network is connection-contact. When it is the Euphony of Music that makes the contact, the potential of this kind of circuit goes beyond the known frontiers of listening.

By creating the Network of Sound, Edelweiss Emission has put its experience at the service of musicians and music-lovers throughout the world in a number of initiatives that are without precedent for a record company.

It has organised musical festivals, concert-dialogues, exhibitions and seminars on listening, brought to the public attention previously unpublished material, and introduced comparative studies of musical traditions outside of Europe. The Network of Sound plans to organise original events in the field of music and sound that will put Edelweiss Emission at the forefront of a movement for Music and the enhancement of Sound as an inexhaustible source of life.