Listening with Pleasure

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Ronco sopra AsconaEdelweiss Emission has chosen to record in places where the diffusion of sound merges with the unaffected beauty of architecture. Normally, the places where music is simply heard or listened to for its physical, emotional or intellectual appeal, are not always built bearing these factors in mind.

Edelweiss Emission does not record in the sterile atmosphere of a studio where the sound is dulled, but in settings where harmonious resonance is symptomatic of aesthetic pleasure. The company’s exploration of sound has led it to the conclusion that the natural harmonics of an acoustic space are the fulcrum of experience, the cardinal point for musical communication. If the subtle differences of the high-pitched harmonics and relations are missing, all the nuances are lost, as are the conditions which permit the significance and character of a musical phrase to be perceived. Edelweiss Emission thus enriches the listening experience with new dimensions. Here technique is very important in capturing the intensely polychromatic sound vibrations, which no equipment can reproduce artificially. Only the right mixture of Music, performer-creator, instruments and setting can create this experience for the listener’s pleasure.