Franco Maggio Ormezowski

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Franco Maggio OrmezowskiFranco Maggio Ormezowski was born in Italy with Polish origins. He began his cello studies at an early age and graduated from the Institute Boccherini in Lucca. He also attended specialist cello classes with Gaspar Cassadó and André Navarre at the Musical Academy of Siena.
Ormezowski has performed concerts in all of Italy’s major cities, as well as in Par is, London, Madrid, Vienna, Hamburg, Brussels, Moscow, Warsaw, United States, Canada and South America.
He has played with important Conductors such as W. Sawallisch, L. Bernstein, F. Caracciolo, F. Scaglia, A. Ceccato and has collaborated with the following pianists: M. Argerich, T. Vasary, J.B. Pommier, D. Levy, A. Rabinovitch, A. Hinceff. Ormezowski has also performed with the violinist S. Accardo and currently plays in a quartet and in a duet with Uto Ughi.