Euphonic sound

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euphonic sound

The Euphonic Sound of Edelweiss Emission is the conquest of an internal and external space, which forms music beyond its surrounding conditions. In offering a service to Music, it is not enough today to employ the most sophisticated instruments that technology provides and link them to an excellent performance. A new listening ‘space’ also calls for a recovery of music, which is lived and transmitted in its own quality of vital force.

Edelweiss Emission therefore takes into account the artistic maturity of musicians, the heights of classical and traditional repertoire, the venues which are themselves significant, but, above all, the synergic ethical-aesthetic effect. Edelweiss Emisssion’s recordings intend to reach the public by providing live musical experiences. The resonant space that is contained in every record opens new dimensions of listening, closer to true significance. A further distinguishing characteristic of Edelweiss Emission is the belief that number is sound, therefore quality imposes itself on quantity. So too in its choice of performers, Euphonic Sound springs from a synthesis of humanity and artistic professionalism, a unique and fundamental unity.

Robert Schumann said that ‘In Music the soul senses its own celestial Fatherland’. Edelweiss Emission, using the most appropriate technical, human, artistic and spatial means, truly embodies this motto, the memory of which looks to the avant-garde for future artistic achievements.