Edelweiss Emission - The Classical Music Label

Edelweiss Emission – The Classical Music Label

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Welcome to EDELWEISS EMISSION, the independent music label dedicated to classical and ancient music. Edelweiss Emission’s unique productions combine the highest levels of artistic presentation, with the finest sound quality and consummate musicianship. Each disc is a Work of Art within a Work of Art.

Edelweiss Emission’s CDs are recorded in venues which provide rich acoustics; careful work during the recording phases, together with the use of the most sophisticated equipment, allow the achievement of extraordinary sound fidelity. As a result of the surprising purity of the sound and balance of the instruments, Edelweiss Emission’s productions have received consistent praise from critics across the globe and are highly regarded on an international level by the public and audiophiles alike.

We invite you to listen to samples of our recordings on our radio

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