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Founded in 1989, Edelweiss Emission is an independent music label dedicated to classical and ancient music, and the recordings incorporate soloist, chamber music and orchestral performances.

From the outset, the label’s productions attracted the attention of international critics and CD Classica awarded Daniel Levy’s Brahms CD with the accolade of “best interpretation of ‘89”, while Nicolás Chumachenco’s interpretation of The Sonatas and Partitas of Bach, was acclaimed by the American Record Guide and Gramophone UK, as a performance of extraordinary skill.
Today the label has a wide catalogue of recordings, with a repertoire that ranges from the refined polyphonic music of the middle ages and Renaissance – G. de Machaut – Venetian Music from the 16th century and Elizabethan Music, to the golden age of classical music, from Bach up to the romantic period. The catalogue also includes improvisations and contemporary classical music. An interesting approach to Classical Indian music is offered by the recordings of Ravi Shankar and Imrat Khan with original instrument formations.
Edelweiss Emission brings together performers of great artistic importance and fame who represent some of the most prominent European Schools, (Daniel Levy, who is one of the most important exponents of the Vincenzo Scaramuzza school, whose former students also include Martha Argerich and Bruno Gelber; David Geringas, who was taught by Rostropovich and Nicolás Chumachenco who studied under Heifetz and Zimbalist). Other outstanding artists who have recorded for Edelweiss Emission include Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, The Philharmonia Orchestra and Franco Maggio Ormezowski.

Edelweiss Emission’s CDs are recorded in venues which provide rich acoustics; careful work during the recording phases, together with the use of the most sophisticated equipment, allow the achievement of extraordinary sound fidelity. As a result of the surprising purity of the sound and balance of the instruments, Edelweiss Emission’s productions have received consistent praise from critics across the globe and are highly regarded on an international level by the public and audiophiles alike. The label’s recordings have been and continue to be broadcast by numerous International radio stations and Daniel Levy’s versions of Chopin’s Nocturnes have been chosen as the sound track for an important English television programme.


The name EDELWEISS EMISSION combines two ideals.

EDELWEISS, the flower that blooms on high mountain slopes, is a metaphor for the magnificence and purity of classical music, in whose heights the great composers found inspiration. This music is still a source of joy, intellectual challenge and emotion for the listener.

The word EMISSION represents a wave, a sound, the act of speaking and of playing, which is no sooner uttered than transmitted. EMISSION is the ultimate communication in the instantaneous eloquence of musical language.

For Edelweiss Emission MUSIC is Life in motion. Edelweiss Emission is much more than a classical music label. Its activities cannot be reduced to the laws of an ever-changing market place. Edelweiss Emission wishes to enter into direct and open contact with all those who sympathise with the quest to make quality prevail over quantity.

Edelweiss Emission’s catalogue is under the auspices of the International Academy of Euphony 

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